Should I Travel For Healthcare?
The costs and types of medical procedures could be dependent on the location in which they are being performed.

If you need surgery, this can be very important because you want to save costs and also ensure that you have a successful surgery.

Researching and trying to get access to cost estimates on the type of surgery you need can be time-consuming and perhaps fruitless. Even after extensive research, you may not be able to meet your surgeon beforehand.

Don't worry, there is a solution! At SurgiPrice, you can get unprecedented research done which will save you money. SurgiPrice will provide you with the bundled price (surgeon's fee, facility fee, anesthesiologist's fee), the location of the facility, information and experience of the surgeons and anesthesiologists and surgery approach.

All SurgiPrice surgeons are required to consult with the patient ahead of time. You will be informed every step of the way, and be empowered in your entire treatment process.

Why do surgeons and dentists love to work with SurgiPrice? First of all, any certified dentist or surgeon can be a part of the SurgiPrice network, including your current doctor most likely. The doctors are paid immediately after the surgery and for the pre-negotiated amount. In most situations, surgeons could spend up to a year post-negotiating the fee and may not be paid for up to a year after the procedure. The delay in compensation hurts the doctor's cash flow, the payment amount is unknown, and often need to employ staff to follow up with the insurance companies on a bi-weekly basis.

Doctors communicate with the patient in their approach, experience, unique approach, special services and any history of complications.

The transparency of this information that SurgiPrice provides will benefit the patient and the doctor and help them become more knowledgeable about the decisions they make, especially towards their health-related finances.
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